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Our training programs are dedicated to creating a strong and rewarding relationship between you and your canine companion. Whether you just want to have a well mannered dog everyone enjoys having around, or you want to go on to more advanced training, we have the class for you.

Basic Obedience for the Family Pet

We believe in training you to be your dog’s trainer.
We will teach you basic dog psychology and training concepts.
You will teach your dog good canine and human manners, as well as proper leash manners.
You will learn how to teach all the basic commands:

Sit and Stay
Recall or Come to Me
Lie Down
Leave It

The class is offered as a 6 week course, meeting on Wednesdays at 6 pm.
When: The Next class will begin January 3, 2024

Cost: The cost of the course is $200, cash or check
Enrollment is limited to 18 dogs and you can reserve your spot by emailing us.


Interested in going further in obedience?  Check out our classes in Rally Obedience  There are 3 levels:

Level I – For beginners just starting out learning about rally.

Level II – For teams working at Intermediate and Advanced Levels

Level III – For teams working at Excellent and Master Levels


Classes will be held on Saturday afternoons. Email for registration at :


dogs in training


Instruction from foundation to master levels, with a strong emphasis on building a strong foundation.  The following classes are on Saturday AM

Master Level – 8 am

Open – Excellent – 9:30 am

Novice – Open.  –  10:30 am


Foundation Agility is held Friday Evenings at 6pm

All classes are by invitation only.  Contact Tina at


jumping dog


We offer lessons and several competitions during the year for the exciting new sport of Barn Hunt. Don\’t know what Barn Hunt is?  

Basically it is nose work.  Get the details HERE

hunting dog

Private Lessons for Barn Hunt:  $40/half hour

We are happy to welcome to the Silver Rose Ranch staff, our instructor for barn hunt, Marie Doremus.  Marie has been very active in barn hunt for many years, competing in master level with her border collie, SKI.  She also is a fully licensed barn hunt judge.

Marie will be able to offer private lessons for all levels.  Times will be arranged with Marie. You can contact her at .

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The Silver Rose Ranch is proud to offer our competition size above ground pool, with a 40′ dock and 20′ ramp for exiting the pool. 

We have two instructors:

Ian Bevan – Teaching beginning swimming and dock jumping.

Pam Sheets – Teaching advanced dock jumping for competition.

Lessons are private half-hour classes, $45.oo per class.

Please email for scheduling . 


                           DOCK AND POOL RENTAL


Due to unfortunate instances of dangerous activity to the facility and to  their dogs by a few renters, we no longer will offer dock and pool rentals.

diving dog
championship dogs