Happy DogWhen you have to go away and can’t take your furry family member with you, you want to know they are having as good a time as you are! Here at the ranch, we specialize in good times for our visitors. Our guests go home tired but happy.

Their schedule is aimed at having a comfortable place to rest at night and lots of activity during the day. Their day starts at 5:30 in the morning when they go out to one of 8  play yards to enjoy socializing and taking in the sights and smells of the ranch.  They will stay out during the day until brought in to the sleeping kennels at 4 pm. The sleeping kennels are 5 x 10 and are all inside on decking raised up off of the floor.  Each dog is assigned an individual sleeping area. We feed them and tuck them in for the night. You can provide any bedding from home, or we will provide plenty of blankets to make a sleeping nest.  Hot summer nights, the dogs will be provided with fans.  The building has heavy doors that are closed at night to provide protection from the elements and predators.  The dogs are cozy and safe at night. We meet and assess each new dog before accepting them to come to the ranch in order to make sure the dogs they socialize with will be appropriate for them in size, age and temperament. You will provide the food your dog is accustomed to and we will feed according to your requirements, making sure they do not have any changes in their nutrition.  We are able to medicate according to veterinarian’s directions if needed.

Please email us to set up your meet-n- greet and come see the ranch. We look forward to meeting you and your furry pack member!


Number of Dogs

Daily Rate

One Dog
(Kept over night)


Two Dogs in One Kennel
(Dogs must be from same family)


Three Dogs in One Kennel
(Dogs must be from same family)

Senior discount 10% for 65 & above




Additional Information:

All dogs must have a current rabies certificate, as well as current DHPP vaccinations. As of October 1, 2021, all dogs must also have the Canine Influenza vaccination. Bordetella is recommended, but not required. 

*In response to current research, we are rescinding our policy of never accepting unneutered males.  The latest research has pointed to many reasons why taking away male and female reproductive hormones may have lifelong negative consequences , particularly  in large and giant breeds.  If you decide to leave your pet intact, we do require you let us know beforehand.  All intact males will be kept only with males and spayed females.  The same for intact females.  They will be put only with neutered males and other females.  We must know if your female is intact, and in season before leaving her.   If you have any questions about the new policy, please email us.  We will be happy to discuss any questions with you.


Drop offs and Pick ups are done during regular business hours:

Monday – Friday   7am – 6pm        

Saturday: 8am – 4pm            

Sunday: 8am – 4pm    

Payment can be made with a check or cash.

All reservations must be made by email. Confirmations will also be made by email. Please notify us of any change of plans at least 24 hours ahead. If you are a no-show without a cancellation, there will be a two night charge of $80, and any future reservations must be paid in full ahead time.