Our training programs are dedicated to creating a strong and rewarding relationship between you and your canine companion. Whether you just want to have a well mannered dog everyone enjoys having around, or you want to go on to more advanced training, we have the class for you.

Basic Obedience for the Family Pet

We believe in training you to be your dog’s trainer.
We will teach you basic dog psychology and training concepts.
You will teach your dog good canine and human manners, as well as proper leash manners.
You will learn how to teach all the basic commands:

Sit and Stay
Recall or Come to Me
Lie Down
Leave It

The class is offered as a 7 week course, meeting on Thursdays at 6 pm.
When: The Next class will begin March 8, 2018
Cost: The cost of the course is $140.
Enrollment is limited to 12 dogs and you can reserve your spot by emailing us.



Instruction from foundation to master levels, with a strong emphasis on building a strong foundation.

Private lessons can be arranged with the instructor.  Cost is $75/hour.

Barn Hunt Clinic

Introduction to Barn Hunt Clinics are held once a month on Saturday at 10:00AM.
In the clinic we will go over what the sport is and all the rules.Then your dog will be put through an instinct test. Please crate your dog while we are discussing rules and questions, and bring a chair for yourself.

Be sure to email TMacBevan @aol.com for your reservation for the clinic.

When: The next Barn Hunt Clinc will be on February 10, 2018
Cost: Barn Hunt Clinic cost is $30 for one dog.  Same family’s additional dogs, cost is $20 ea.

Not sure what a barn hunt is?

Get the details HERE

Barn Hunt Practice

Once you have introduced your dog to rat hunting in the clinic, and they demand “more rats”, we will let you practice hunting at whatever level you are at or work on specific problem areas – tunnels, climbs or alerts. Each dog will run their 2 runs back to back, in the order of sign up.

Novice / Open: $20 / 2 Runs
Senior: $25 / 2 Runs
Master: $30 / Two Runs
When:  Practice is held a 1 pm – Next one is February 10, 2018

Email TMacBevan@aol.com to reserve your spot.

Private Lessons for Barn Hunt:  $40/half hour

We are happy to welcome our new instructor for barn hunt, Marie Doremus.  Marie has been very active in barn hunt for many years, competing in master level with her border collie, SKI. She has completed the judge’s workshop on her way to acquiring her judge’s license.

Marie will be able to offer private lessons, Monday – Friday, for all levels.  Times will be arranged with Marie. You can contact her at  mdoremus123@yahoo.com .

New!! AKC Farm Dog Certification

The Silver Rose will be hosting a two day, two judge, Farm Dog Certification in conjunction with the Nov. 18/19 Barn Hunt event.  Never heard of Farm Dog Cert?  Please visit the AKC web site to learn more about this new certification from the AKC.



We are proud to announce the opening of our brand new 41′ pool.   Please watch the event page for scheduled fun jump days and practice competitions.  Also there will be sanctioned competitions, the first being UAD on February 17/18.  Go to the UAD web site for more information.


We are very happy to welcome Vit Kruml to the Silver Rose Training staff.  He will be teaching dock jumping from a dog’s first swim to competitive jumping. Lessons can be arranged with him at learningtoflydockjumping@gmail.com.

 Private practice is available to experienced and pre-approved handlers only.  

Please contact us via email to book practice times.  Cost: $60/hour   $30/half-hour


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