Our training programs are dedicated to creating a strong and rewarding relationship between you and your canine companion. Whether you just want to have a well mannered dog everyone enjoys having around, or you want to go on to more advanced training, we have the class for you.

Our Current Class Line Up:

Instruction from foundation to master levels, with a strong emphasis on building a strong foundation.The classes are on going, with move ups as the team progresses.

Cost: $20 per class!
Foundation: Tuesdays at 5 pm.
Novice: Thursdays at 7 pm.
Open: Tuesdays at 6 pm
Excellent/Master: Tuesday at 7pm


Rally Obedience
For those wishing to go on with their obedience training, we offer rally obedience.

Rally is a competition sport where a dog and handler move through a course of maneuvers while being judged. We offer instruction in all three competition levels,
Open and

When: Friday Nights at 6 pm.
Cost: $20 per class.


Level II Obedience
This course is a continuation of basic obedience. You and your dog will learn more advanced obedience commands and performance. We will also work toward being able to control your dog off leash.

The class is an hour long and can be joined after completing basic obedience.

When: It is offered Friday evenings at 5:00 pm.
Cost: The cost is $20 per class.


Basic Obedience for the Family Pet
We believe in training you to be your dog’s trainer.
We will teach you basic dog psychology and training concepts. You will teach your dog good canine and human manners, as well as proper leash manners.
You will learn how to teach all the basic commands:

Sit and Stay
Recall or Come to Me
Lie Down
Leave It

The class is offered as a 7 week course, meeting on Wednesdays at 6 pm.
When: The Next class will begin August 26,2015.
Cost: The cost of the course is $130.
Enrollment is limited to 12 dogs and you can reserve your spot by emailing us


Barn Hunt

Introduction to Barn Hunt Clinics are held twice a month on Saturday at 10:00AM.
In the clinic we will go over what the sport is and all the rules.
Then your dog will be put through an instinct test.
Be sure to email your reservation for the clinic.
When: The next Barn Hunt will be on August 22, 2015
Cost: Barn Hunt cost is $25.
Novice Open
$20 / Two Runs
$25 / Two Runs
$30 / Two Runs

Interested in learning more about Barn Hunt?
Click here.


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